Legal Advice


Legal Advice

Custom Service


  • Customs Valuation of merchandises.
  • Legislation, normative and Customs operational regulation.
  • Analysis and tributary liquidation - customs officer.
  • Promotional Arragements, you license tariff.
  • Attendance to the international passenger: migrations, steps before customs.
  • Accompanied or not accompanied baggages
  • International movings.
  • Frank area.
  • Temporary imports - Dto. 1001/82
  • Temporary imports - Head. 72/92 and 1439/96
  • It plants Key in hand - Head. 502/95.
  • Embark staggered
  • Exempt reimports of rights
  • I exchange Compensated - Dto. 33/96.
  • Financing of I.V.A.
  • Industrial specialization
  • Logistics: Freight International.
  • Procedures and administrations before government and private organisms.
  • Procedure and administration of diplomatic frank: consular, for agreements or international government agreements
  • Merchandises subject to shares
  • Registrations and inscriptions before government organisms: Inscription and registration Importer and Exporter, Other borrowers of services in customs area or means international transporters.
  • Registration and inscription of marks, patents, procedures, products, industrial establishments.
  • Contracts of International Sale and purchase: negotiation rules, expenses of transport, sure, aero-port, bank.
  • INCOTERMS: Importance of the selection of the modality in function of the agreement exporter-importer.
  • Exceptions, prohibitions
  • Infractions and crimes customs officers.
  • International conflicts, international conventions, arbitrations.
  • Self-driven and auto-part régime.

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