SNI S.A. is a young, highly professional organization, dedicated to the operative support of the external trade

Our performance environment is defined by steps customs officers, the coordination of international loads and the administration of international commercial contacts. We specialize in fulfilling activities whose main object is the coordination, placement, distribution of products and services; guaranteeing Quality, Time and the smallest Possible Cost.

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We put to our clients' disposition all the necessary experience so that their export arrives to good port.

Effectively resolve operational foreign trade

Our objective is to solve the operative of the external trade efficiently and to propose to our clients good means for the reach of its own objectives, such as: reduction of costs, simplicity in the operations, to be focused in strategic managerial matters, to avoid the investment grade to provide that service internally.

Creemos que la afianzada relación, el esfuerzo y voluntad de cada uno de los involucrados en la tarea, la comunicación y el apoyo mutuo, son la clave de hacer, cotidianamente, del Comercio Internacional, una empresa fascinante