Services of Export | Stimuli to the export

Services of Export


  • Export to consumption. Making of the Permission of Shipment.
  • Export to consumption with discharge of inputs for temporary imports.
  • Temporary export. Pursuit and control of expirations. Extensions. Returns.
  • Export of merchandises in consignment or to frank areas.
  • Export samples.
  • You commend of export.
  • Participation in fairs and international congresses. Special shippings.
  • Courier.
  • Attendance in the making according to normative effective of Commercial Invoices, you Bill Pro-form, Clever of Packing, Air Guides, Marine Knowledge, Letters of Behavior, MIC/DTA.
  • Making of origin certificates ALADI - MERCOSUR - SGP (Widespread System of Preferences).
  • Administration and Application of Pre-shipment as it corresponds, before the Co. Inspector required by the buyer.
  • Procedure Consular visa.
  • Transfer of the merchandise from the deposits of the client to port / Ezeiza and/or fiscal deposit, as it corresponds.
  • Integral coordination of the load: Deposit, Transport, Customs, according to the dates programmed by the client.
  • Shippings of documents to the exterior - According to modality that the client requires.
  • Bank steps: control of Letters of Credit, Collections, letters of change.
  • Making of Declarations of Shipment, in exports that are made for via Marine.
  • Attendance in the costs of Export.


Stimuli to the export


  • Stimuli to the export Administration and Collection Refunds, Drawback.
  • I recover of IVA for export - Administration before AFIP-DGI in coordination with DGA.

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